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Month: February 2013

Not My Responsibility?
19 February 2013

This week we see a survey among 1000 employees by security company PhishMe come up with the understanding that many employees think information security is not their responsibility while at work. They lean on the technology the IS dept. provides. Also – employees feel that their role is not significant enough to be of interest […]

Black Hat goes touchy feely
13 February 2013

Last year we had the massive pleasure of visiting Black Hat Europe in beautiful Amsterdam, with my friend Javvad Malik, Analyst and blogger mystery man “The Cynic”.  Oops – guess that’s not so much of a mystery anymore… Anyhoo, we made some short films and along the way we also collected some awesome content which […]

InfoSecurity Bondage in the Guardian
12 February 2013

…at least that what it looked like yesterday in an article about our excellent series. It’s not often you see a shot of an office guy tied to a chair with packing tape and gagged with his own tie – but of course it’s all in the name of comedy. We’ll try to send out […]

The Comedians Contract
4 February 2013

Our most precious commodity next to time, is attention. When a comedian starts a story, he is trying to weave a situation where you give him your attention in return for the promise of a payoff – a punch line or surprise that kills you (I should point out that “kill” in this context is a good thing). […]

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