Black Hat goes touchy feely

13 February 2013

Last year we had the massive pleasure of visiting Black Hat Europe in beautiful Amsterdam, with my friend Javvad Malik, Analyst and blogger mystery man “The Cynic”.  Oops – guess that’s not so much of a mystery anymore…

Anyhoo, we made some short films and along the way we also collected some awesome content which I’ve been meaning to release into the Infosec Community “wild” for a while now.

As you all know by now, my passion is using comedy to engage with employees, and we now have a 10 minute mp3 podcast on this very subject. Having asked the question; “How do you engage with employees to change behaviour?” to all of our stellar contributors at this event, the results were fascinating.

Here it is! Help yourself by the way – download, share – “go ‘head wit ya big self ” as they say on the streets. In 1970’s cop thrillers, anyway…

What do you think? Are we patronising employees, and if so – why? Do we even know we’re doing it?

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