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Month: April 2013

Our Infosec & B-Sides Marathon
30 April 2013

Three shoot days back to back and two major IT security events! Last week was a rollercoaster of work, fun and golden moments. Day 1 – we were gainfully employed at Infosec Europe (as opposed to drinking overpriced coffee, schmoozing and stealing freebies from vendor stands). Our mission was to shoot as many interviews with […]

Marketing? It Comes with the Territory. Part 1
22 April 2013

I’ve met a great many IT security folk over the last few years, and I think that there are two very broad categories: 1.              IT security professionals that understand they are marketers 2.              IT Security Professionals When we try to persuade employees to take notice of our messages, our policies and our work, then it […]

How many under 5’s do you employ?
18 April 2013

This seems like an odd question. I mean – seriously. Because the way some firms talk to their employees seems to assume that they are like children. Hence the proliferation of cartoon training resources. Little cutesy characters, predictable, ponderous scripts, and juvenile attempts at humour.  Why do we do it? I think it’s because we […]

Infosec vs Security B-Sides
16 April 2013

Next week sees several events landing right on top of each other. London is definitely the place to be if you’re in the business of keeping data safe.  And a very busy week for us. There’s Infosec Europe – one of the biggest cyber security events of the calendar.  350 exhibitors and 12000 visitors over […]

A RANT about awareness
2 April 2013

Last week I was in the privileged position to be invited to a RANT.  These are the evenings presented by Acumin as a way of bringing the after-hours conversations into the foreground. After all – we all know that the real conferences happen in the bar after the PowerPoint is over. The first thing I […]

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