How many under 5’s do you employ?

18 April 2013

This seems like an odd question.

I mean – seriously. Because the way some firms talk to their employees seems to assume that they are like children. Hence the proliferation of cartoon training resources. Little cutesy characters, predictable, ponderous scripts, and juvenile attempts at humour. 
Why do we do it?
I think it’s because we equate simplicity with being child-like. And because we really want clarity in our communications, we have to dumb them down to a very low common denominator.  The problem is, without engagement, we have no “open channel” of communication. So we need to tell stories that grown ups will like. And that usually means using human beings to tell the story.
This little spoof documentary we made during a break in filming Restricted Intelligence. I think the point is made…

Do you think that there’s a place for cartoons on employee communications?

(POP QUIZ – Who is the character at the top of this post?)

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