Our Infosec & B-Sides Marathon

30 April 2013

Three shoot days back to back and two major IT security events!
Last week was a rollercoaster of work, fun and golden moments.

Day 1 – we were gainfully employed at Infosec Europe (as opposed to drinking overpriced coffee, schmoozing and stealing freebies from vendor stands). Our mission was to shoot as many interviews with CISOs / Analysts / industry commentators as possible, to create a fascinating and prophetic content reservoir for our esteemed clients, Tripwire.  On that day we learned some exceptional pieces of wisdom, especially regarding the ability of security folk to communicate upwards in their organisations in a way that gets them funded, respected and taken seriously.  Watch this space for links to their output over the coming weeks.
Day 2 – it was the turn of the “enfants terrible” of the Infosec World as we spent an incredible day capturing received wisdom once more, but this time at B-Sides London.  This event is less about vendors pitching their wares, and more about sharing our collective learnings from the coal face, and collaborating with each other to progress the industry.  The best part?  Seeing newbie presenters in the rookie track take their first tentative steps into security rock-stardom. Actually this was closely related to day one as all opinions were in alignment when it came to building relationships in our business and within the industry. It’s something you need to do if you’re going to succeed in this business.
Day 3 – The fun part. Like that funny Panda story at the end of the news, this was our reward for working hard on the serious stuff of days 1 & 2.
Three infosec amigos (all bloggers and shakers) starred in the pilot of their prospective presenter-based web series “Host Not Known”.  Running around performing challenges on day 3 of infosec Europe, then blagging a space upstairs in which to try to create a ramshackle studio, then almost instantly crowdsourcing a studio audience – talk about guerrilla TV at its bootstrapped best!
It was a scream – and if we can preserve just some of the hilarity that ensued as we battered Thom Langford, Andy Agnes and Javvad Malik into shape as TV presenters (never before has the cueing stick been so vital) then it will be a huge success.
Thanks to everyone who helped us during this incredible week. 
We can’t wait to show you what we made…

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