Training the Untrainable

24 May 2013

A few weeks ago I saw this stunning admission of dumb-assery by the BBC.  I mean – everyone loses things, but this level of loss suggests a lack of respect for devices that only the spoilt brat offspring of a millionaire might develop.
And then it hit me. 
These people are not trainable.  They work in “TELLY” and as such are basking amongst the beautiful and the talented at the BBC.  No online learning or powerpoint meetings for them. Oh no – they have to attend to Rickyy Jervais’s rider list (no green M&M’s apparently, and a large supply of cotton buds for some reason…).
Does your company have people for whom training seems beneath them?  Are they bitterly patronized when we ask them to sign up to the Health & Safety at Work act 1974?
For these people, you need a little psychology. Make them smile with the right materials, and they might not even know they’ve been “trained”…

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