Always room for a good RANT

10 June 2013

Every now and again you come across something that is totally in tune with your own way of doing things. Like tomorrow’s RANT event in london. Presented our my new best mates Acumin Consulting, who have come up with a fantastic event format, after many years of hosting slightly rogue, after-work  type get-togethers for the Information Security community, I am buzzed beyond belief about this. 

At most events, the real conversations get going afterwards, in the bar. So they decided to bring the whole thing into the foreground and have the debate front and centre, about the issues that matter. From Cyber Terrorism to Employee Awareness, it’s all here.  This is the Infosec Event version of smoking behind the bikesheds.  You get to hear it all…

It is our great pleasure to be involved as affiliate partners to this event, and to be moderating one of the panels taking place.  We’ll hopefully be able to share some of the learnings and videos with you soon – once our hosts have released them on their channels.  My guess is that we will learn a lot by challenging the norms on a great many issues.

Plus – I get to do some comedy. Oooer…!


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