The Power of Comedy

5 June 2013

It looks like Restricted Intelligence is not the only security related comedy out there. IT security software provider Tripwirewanted to celebrate it’s new positioning in the market, especially their recent acquisition of nCircle.
Now – that can be a complex story to get across amongst the noise of a busy marketplace. 

So – Tripwire approached our sister company, Twist & ShoutCommunications, and together we created a series of funny, memorable viral online ads that talk about the effect Tripwire can have on the average CISO.  The first is launched and ready to be seen here.

You’ll notice there’s no product details, complex explanations, or interviews with customers. Oh there’s a place for all that – but first we need your attention. Then the real conversation can happen…
We hope you enjoy the first installment.  Pass it on to the marketing team…show them you’re just as connected to the buzz as they are!

We’l keep you posted as to its success, and the rest of the series…
Our grateful thanks to Tripwire who have an excellent blog here called The State of Security.

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