Three Reasons to use Comedy at Work

29 August 2013

You tell everyone they work in a cool place. It’s a signal.
New employees think that it’s cool if you “get” them. And good comedy is a great way to signal this.  Everyone loves a laugh. Even at work. We’ve seen employees try to show their spouses the comedy content over the VPN at home.  Yes – I work in a placethat’s THIS cool.
You are not Dr. No any more.
What? A communication from Information Security that isn’t berating people for clicking on rogue links and trying to access dodgy websites? Yes. We are, for once, offering to brighten your day with a little bit of humour.  Makes a change. What next? Free Krispy Kreme?
You might actually move the needle.
When users share the links to your cool videos and content, word gets around naturally. It’s not a broadcast from above. And…these short films (and the campaign around them) actually lock a behavior to a visceral response.  They remember the laugh they had when they saw the man in the video bring the network to a standstill by being an idiot.  They hesitate before clicking. Which is just what we need them to do.

Of course quality counts, and done badly it can backfire.  We’ve used professional, award-winning comedy writers and in front of the camera, talent that can be seen in movies and on TV around the world.  It makes a big difference.

Restricted Intelligence.  Information Security just became the fun stuff.

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