Disclaimer: These disclaimers are not really disclaimers.

10 October 2013

Recently a client asked me to advise on what to say to his legal dept. who were nervous at the prospect of sending out links to our series of films just in case someone was offended. 

So we took our lead from the broadcasters and created some disclaimers of our own. They will appear at the start of the films so that if you are upset by mild office social conflict, you can turn off before you are emotionally scarred for life.
Sorry about the sarcasm – but it’s really hard to understand who might be offended at such tame television. And if you think that’s sarcasm, take a look at the list that came back from the team:
“The following film contains violence so moderate, we’re embarrassed to even need this disclaimer”
“This film is a work of fiction, and is not meant to resemble any person, living or undead. Except you Jenny in HR. You know what you did.”
“If you’ve been offended by any of the issues in this film, please call our helpline on 1-800 BITE-ME”
“These characters are fictitious. So it’s okay to laugh at them. They’re not real.”
“If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable at any point during the film, put your hand up and a grown-up will come and comfort you.”
“Some viewers may find the following film offensive. If this is you, may we recommend therapy?”
“Three actors, and the director’s ego were harmed during the making of this film. Send care-packages to Twist and Shout Communications…”
“If you think it’s acceptable to behave like the people in this film, please ask an adult why it isn’t”
Seriously, if you feel that your company culture just isn’t ready for some good honest, playful, memorable fun, then here is a disclaimer you might be able to use:
Disclaimer:  The following video is designed to raise awareness of issues surrounding employee responsibility with respect top the safe handling of sensitive company information. It is by design, a light-hearted approach. If you are a joyless drone who cannot take a joke and prefers to receive their company information in memo’s created by our legal team, please stop watching now.  The company accepts no responsibility for any behaviors you display as a result of your choice to watch these films. Unless they’re the good ones, of course.

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