Is it a bird…? Is it a plane…?

19 February 2014
NO – It’s Restricted Intelligence at RSA 2014 next week!  Yes folks – we’ll be there. In fact for the first time ever, both creative directors (Jim Shields & Robert McCollum – the creators of Restricted Intelligence), will be around to promote their second season of information security related fun, Restricted Intelligence II, due for release April this year.
At RSA we will be partnering with Tripwireto bring you great content from the show, and to meet customers and discuss the use of comedy in the noble quest for security engagement among employees.

Come say hello to us at the Tripwire booth 3501 from Monday to end of play Wednesday next week.  Find out about  season II and see if you can bag some goodies. Tripwire are making those awesome T shirts too – yeah – they’ll totally be priceless in a few years or so…
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