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Month: April 2014

A Split Personality at Infosec Europe 2014
29 April 2014

So thats the first day over – at InfoSecurity Europe, Earls Court, London. On the one hand we were working hard to create the social media clips, a daily roundup film, plus materials for release after the event. Our remit was to raise the bar on the production values, and capture some of the most […]

Ted Davis Part 5 – Activism in Action
29 April 2014

In our final peek into the less-than-perky life of our very own one man “Les Miserables”, Ted decides to take action. We find out a little about what his job actually entails – turns out he was born to collate. Let us know if you’d like to see more of Ted – and perhaps we […]

Ted Davis Part 4: Laughing leads to liking…
28 April 2014

In this penultimate episode Ted explains why humour is dangerous, and what he thinks about people whop have an ugly laugh.Spoiler Alert: Twist & Shout Media (creators of Restricted Intelligence) are in fact BRITISH.  Yeah. Deal with it. Ted clearly cannot.Were The Beatles a comedy act? And why won’t he tell us a joke? If you’d […]

Ted Davis Part 3. A No Smile Zone.
25 April 2014

In this clip we see Ted offer some advice about groups we really do not want to be associated with. Mainly anyone who might smile, right? I mean – who needs those people…? And – if people smile – how do you know if they are being serious? No.Best to reduce the risk and remain […]

Ted Davis – Activist
24 April 2014

Here we go again. On the shoot, we had a little trouble with Ted trying to disrupt our filming for season 2 of Restricted Intelligence. This time he ups his game a little, and with a little advice from his Mom, he risks a ticking off on the set of RI2. Well done you. As […]

Meet Ted Davis
23 April 2014

On the run up to Infosec Europe 2014, to demonstrate inclusivity and equal rights for everyone, we wanted to showcase someone with alternative views to our own.  Some people feel that encouraging employees to enjoy themselves whilst learning something is simply taking things a little too far. Ted Davis is one of them.He’s a practical […]

Behind the Scenes at the Season II Shoot – Dallas Leg
7 April 2014

It’s like those TV chefs that promote simple, down to earth recipes, with the very best ingredients money can buy.  We have incredible scriptwriters, creative, acting talent, crews and technology. So my job is the easy bit. Just chuck them all in a bowl and hit the blend button. If only it were that simple. […]

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