Behind the Scenes at the Season II Shoot – Dallas Leg

7 April 2014
It’s like those TV chefs that promote simple, down to earth recipes, with the very best ingredients money can buy.  We have incredible scriptwriters, creative, acting talent, crews and technology. So my job is the easy bit. Just chuck them all in a bowl and hit the blend button.
If only it were that simple.
Fact is we end up too many options. Too much fun making us all laugh. And keeping a beady eye on the messaging so it stays in front of the comedy – and all the while Micaiah keeps cracking the whip to stay on track.  It’s been exhausting – but also some of the best comedy moments of my professional life (and not ALL of them on camera…*).
Putting together a stellar cast such as this is no accident. We have spent years building up relationships (and a reputation for quality) on both sides of the Atlantic.  This really comes into play when we can write for people we know. For committed, screamingly funny people who make the script explode off the page, and develop characters beyond our dreams and expectations.

Steve – our Director of Photography.  Or “Elvis” as he’s known in the business. For when it comes to gorgeous scenes that help us tell the story with clarity and panache, he most certainly IS the KING.
Ian– Playing…er..Ian.  New to RI, but not new to us. Those of you who have seen the John Powers films we made for Tripwire have already seen what he can do. This is NOT corporate video. No sir. He is pant wettingly funny, in a way that lets everyone else shine too.
Mikaela – playing Alex. Another new character for 2014.  And a total badass.  Scary and brilliant in equal measure. And Ian’s Demon AND heart-throb in a small but very powerful (and hilarious) package.
To be honest, it’s not fair picking out highlights like this, because there were NO weak links.  The standard of talent was scarily high and a true ensemble cast emerged. The shoot weeks in Dallas and London have been among the most fun shoots of my career. 
*And I can die a happy man knowing I got to duet with Ian Sinclair on stage at the Lonestar Karaoke bar, Dallas. Tenacious D – watch your back. The link is here (although due to some choice lyrics by Jack Black, possibly not safe for work…).

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