The Inside Job

20 November 2015
In the sport of hockey, there are six players on the ice: A center, two forwards, two defensive players, and a goalie. But if you ask the players, they’ll tell you something different. They’ll tell you there are six goalies on the ice. Meaning it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure no goals are scored.

The same holds true for your company’s cyber security. Sure, there may be a dedicated department for cyber security, but it’s incumbent upon everyone in the organization to make sure no goals get through. Added bonus: everyone gets to keep their teeth, too.

Nowhere is this more true than the inside threat, employees who have managed to get inside your company to steal your trade secrets, employee and customer information and other proprietary data. While not the most common type of security breach, it is one that every employee stands on the front line of defense. 

Take a look at the clip from the “New Best Friend” episode. Do you see any red flags? Any questionable behavior? Other than the posing which, let’s be honest, is a little much.

Disclaimer: We are in no way advocating you create a witch hunt-styled work environment. Yes, there are people you can trust. And you know who they are. But there are those… They might have been terminated recently, and be working notice. They might have been approached by a 3rd party to find market information. They might be thinking about starting their own company. Yes – there are those that will and those that won’t – but it’s often the opportunity that reveals these colors.

In which case, instead of protecting yourself from nefarious individuals, look to protect the data itself. Are you working with particularly sensitive information? Make sure the only people who see it are people cleared to do so. That means no one — not the competition, not your Great Aunt Hildegard, not the guy in the office down the hall — gets a peek. Guard that data like you’re the goalie. Wear a helmet and pads if you need to. 

Granted, you share space with your colleagues. People will see things. That’s to be expected. That doesn’t mean they have to take pictures of it, though. Which, even if they mean well and want to take a photo for their scrapbook, remind them that taking pictures with a smart phone itself is a high risk activity. Ask any Hollywood celebrity.

How have you handled inside threats in the past? Tell us your story in the comments. We just hope you didn’t have to strike any poses. 
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