Infosec Rockstars?

25 January 2016

Andy Warhol said in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. And while we would have been quite content with 15 minutes (thrilled, in fact), it would appear that Restricted Intelligence has been granted a few more than 15.

Allow us for a moment to “toot our own horn.” People dig what we do. They love Restricted Intelligence. It’s almost like we have, dare we say, groupies. They’re downloading the wallpapers (which you can find here), they’re re-watching the episodes (which you can get a taste of here) over and over, they’re even requesting copies fo the theme song for use as a ringtone.

A ringtone!

None of this should be a surprise, really. It’s a funny show. Well acted, tightly written, nicely lit, shot, etc. But here’s the “dirty little secret”: It’s not really a show.

Ok, yes, on the surface it’s a show: Episodes, a story, characters, conflict, resolution, etc. But it’s primary purpose is as training tool.

You know, like those corporate videos where someone is trying to fill out a form and gets confused and the senior executive vice president of being in charge enters to explain it all while bullet points float onto the screen? Just like those. Except with a story and humor and a little bit of drama.

And apparently a following.

When was the last time a member of your team said, “The restrooms look a bit rough. Mind if I give them a real thorough cleaning?”

Same goes with corporate training tools. When’s the last time anyone has said, “Those tax policy documents were an absolute riot. Mind if I share them with my book club?”

Take an important issue, give it a humorous framework, and sit back and watch your team howl with laughter as they’re learning to become more efficient, more safety conscious employees.

It’s why we do what we do. Oh, and the groupies are pretty nice, too.

Now We’re Talking!

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