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Month: June 2016

And the winner for best user awareness campaign is…
15 June 2016

I have been to over 10 events this year alone – from Infosec, to smaller regional meetings of other information security related professional “bodies”. The names might change (although there’s the inevitable overlap of familiar faces) but the one issue that comes up again and again, in presentations, in conversations and online, is the PEOPLE […]

Your Attention, Please
7 June 2016

It’s 9:00 am on a Monday morning. There are about a million other places you’d rather being than a training session, but here you are. The Training Program Specialist gets up, fumbles with his laptop, searches desperately on the cluttered desktop for the PowerPoint, finds it double clicks and… Still loading. Lots of images. Hold […]

Seize (Parental) Control!
6 June 2016

A recent article in SC Magazine reported UK adults are clueless when it comes to finding advice about how to protect themselves online. Clueless. Over two thirds (67 percent) of respondents say that they are fairly concerned about the risks of identity fraud when using online services, and 21 percent are very concerned. Only a […]

Twist and Shout Now Have A Podcast
3 June 2016

Really? A podcast? You may ask. Hasn’t the Second Wave of the Podcast already happened? Well, yes. You would be right about that, however… We’re never ones to rush into something until we’re absolutely sure we (and the rest of the world) are ready. Funny, though. It’s taken us, who love to talk at length […]

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