Twist and Shout Now Have A Podcast

3 June 2016

Really? A podcast? You may ask. Hasn’t the Second Wave of the Podcast already happened? Well, yes. You would be right about that, however… We’re never ones to rush into something until we’re absolutely sure we (and the rest of the world) are ready.

Funny, though. It’s taken us, who love to talk at length about anything and everything, so long to get our own podcast. But here we are. And we’re ready.

So, from the platform that brought you Serial and The Nerdist and Stuff You Should Know, Twist and Shout Media are proud to present, the Twist and Shout Media Podcast.

We’re still working on the title.

In this, the inaugural episode, we discuss whether comedy is a risk in B2B Marketing; we talk about the three things you need before you should start a video project; a new, free offering from Twist and Shout; and an old friend returns to “Restricted Intelligence”.

Listen in to our initial offering. Or, better yet, subscribe and listen to them all.

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Now We’re Talking!

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