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Month: July 2016

One small step for Restricted Intelligence…
7 July 2016

…One giant leap for entertainment-based awareness training.  If I am running around the office like a 12-year-old on Red Bull, it’s because we are less than a week a way from our appearance at the UK’s National Space Centre, right here in our hometown of Leicester.  The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce is holding a cybersecurity […]

Looking Forwards and Back: A Peek at Series 4 of “Restricted Intelligence”
6 July 2016

On June 7, we launched series 4 of “Restricted Intelligence“. Since four seasons is an impressive achievement for any production – especially one only available online and via subscription – we decided to throw ourselves a little launch party. For better or worse (better at the time, worse the next morning), things got a little rowdy. […]

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