Compliance Training So Good, It’s Almost Criminal

26 August 2016

Ask anyone in big business and they’ll tell you: Compliance is serious.

But ask anyone why it’s serious or where many folks may be most vulnerable or what to do when they find themselves in a bit of a pinch and you’re likely to find a blank expression. They look like they’ve been asked to read a 12,000 page volume of US or European ethics legislation. Which, unfortunately, they have.

For apparently the philosophy behind our current complaince training is “throw this at them and see what sticks.” At best, current methods are behind those of, say, information security training by 2-3 years.

But don’t panic! We’re here to save the day. If we haven’t met yet, hello, we’re Twist & Shout Communications, a modest little outfit in Leicester. We are the self-anointed Uncertified Sort of Trained Semi-Professional awareness exports who use a little known device called “humour” to help people learn important things. First, it was information security, but lately we’ve focused on the aforementioned “ethics.”

So let’s say you’re a “decision maker,” probably in the Legal or HR department, and you believe your organization should have a keen awareness of compliance issues. You know they’re good people. They know right from wrong. But you’ve also seen some of them fly through parking lot stop signs and they’ve sailed by you on the road, while you were also exceeding the speed limit. In late 20th century technical terminology, “Though they were kind, seldom did they rewind.”

But perhaps you’ve also tortured your team with a few Certified Trained Professional Instructors. And you’ve invested in more than your fair share of never-fail programs — maybe some even endorsed by celebrities!

This is where we come in. Or, more accurately, where Bernie comes in. Or would come in were he not incarcerated.

Tuesdays With Bernie” is our breakout approach to bribery and corruption awareness training. Using viral marketing techniques, high quality production and set in today’s modern workplace, “Tuesdays With Bernie” is more than a training program, it’s a comprehensive, contemporary and conversation-starting show, that’s just as entertaining as it is educational.

The show stars Simon, a hard working lad who only wants to do what’s best for the company. And what’s best, in the eyes of management, is that Simon visits Bernie every Tuesday. In jail. Bernie was a big time trader who did not play nice with the rules and so finds himself in a conference call for the next 3 to 5 years.

Through their conversations, Simon gets to learn the ins and outs of compliance from the most trusted source around: A criminal.

When even the risk of jail time doesn’t motivate people to do the right thing, there’s a big job to be done. And “Tuesdays With Bernie” is just the program to do it. Covering topics as wide-ranging as government corruption, bribery and gifts, bad actors, and spoofing the market, the information we cover sticks, the same way you remember snorting coffee from your nose when Martin in Accounts breaks out his Prince impression.

Sure, compliance is serious business. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun learning about it.

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