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19 June 2017
Lionel doing his best Christian Slater impression.
HP has announced they are producing a 12-month digital TV series starring Christian Slater. The programme, entitled “The Wolf,” aims “to raise cyber security awareness at work, perhaps leading to an increase in cyber security jobs.”
“Wow,” you’re saying to yourself, “Where have we heard an idea like this before?”
First, let’s just say we believe imitation is the highest form of flattery. So thank you, HP. Weve been producing a programme to inform businesses on cyber security for a few years now and we welcome you to the conversation. We are flattered and honored. More perspectives and more insights mean more opportunities to learn. To quote a wise sage, A rising tide floats all boats. And we certainly like to have our boats floated.
Its interesting to note how the two programmes are very different from one another. The Wolf is gripping drama, while Restricted Intelligence is a sitcom (that often feels like a gripping drama to its characters). And with Christian Slater playing the hacker, you get to see things from a very different point of view. Sort of the yin to our YOW! We are curious to see how this plays out for The Wolf, though. Nobody meets hackers. Will this turn into a chess match? The Wolf makes his move, the office makes theirs, back and forth until The Wolf has exhausted his hacking arsenal? Isnt that how chess works?
HP’s programme will be five total episodes, released over the course of a year. We havent heard whether they will produce more that could depend on the story and how this first series concludes. And while we are fans of Mr. Slaters, we will be cheering for good to prevail. Thats just how we roll.
Since we first started producing Restricted Intelligence, weve always encouraged the idea of getting the conversation started. With The Wolf, a new voice joins the conversation, a new voice that brings new ideas and new perspectives. If there is a downside to all of this, its that it probably isnt a good time to get into hacking.

And, oh yeah, Mr. Slater if you’re reading this, we really are big fans. All the way back to “Heathers.” If you enjoyed the HP production, and you’re still itching to spread the word about cyber security, have your people call our people. (Also, please note, we don’t really have people, so just feel free to call us direct.)
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