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25 January 2019

As a fan or friend of the ‘Restricted Intelligence’ gang we’d like to wish you a smashing 2019. And ‘kudos’ indeed if you’ve managed to stick by those New Year’s resolutions. As you can see, Lionel has set himself some simple challenges. They seem obvious, but the basics are quite often the things that trip us up … especially Lionel. You know, too mundane, boring … definitely uncool. Click on the button below to help share the wisdom of Lionel. Alternatively email Charlotte to learn more about ‘Restricted Intelligence’ in all its flavours.

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Better than a trip to the dentist

Some people find it difficult to imagine HIPAA compliance awareness training that can actually make you chuckle. Strange – but yes, some training packages have a reputation for being a bit of a ‘snooze fest’ or worse still – pain-inducing, say like root-canal work. We’re continuing our commitment to pain reduction by getting on the road. First off, it’s HIMMS 19, in Florida, where you’ll find us at Booth 400-40 in the Cyber Security Centre. Or catch our own Jim Shields speaking in Theater A, on Tuesday, February 12th: 12:45pm-1:05pm. Just email Jess to learn more about our Healthcare offering.

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Privacy … boring?

If 2018 is anything to go by, we predict the oncoming year is going to see a great blossoming of privacy related stories. The arrival of GDPR shone a legislative spotlight on the issues and what has come to light has been distinctly un-edifying. Season 2 of our Restricted Intelligence Privacy edition sees the gang grappling – in their inimitable way – with the big questions, and a Viking funeral … of course. Click the link below to find out what on earth is going on here. Lionel … get a grip. And to take advantage of our 15% early bird discount (ends 28 Feb) for Privacy 2 just email Charlotte.

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