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Data Protection

Stop your mooning about…
13 August 2019

The wait is over friends. No more wistful gazing into the distance, Restricted Intelligence Season 6 is available for your immediate delectation. Just click here to email our sales team to get your mitts on 6 more episodes of information security awareness fun. Our early bird discount ends 31st August, 2019. So better stop mooning […]

The Serious Business of Comedy
15 March 2019

We absolutely and utterly believe in the power of comedy. It’s our stock-in trade, our ‘raison d’etre’. We are the ‘awareness sitcom’ dudes. On a gut level we just know ‘funny’ works. Understandably though we also appreciate it can be a tough sell for some companies and organisations. ‘Working adults’ in the US apparently, ‘are […]

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