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Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in Cyber Security Awareness for Employees is a huge investment. Not just in money, time, and resources. And we know you’ll have plenty of questions, too. That’s why we invented this page!

We love to laugh and we love to make people laugh. But we take your investment in us very seriously. Before you take the next step, we’re sure you’ll have a few questions about what you can expect. If you have questions, read below. You’ll see plenty of other companies have had the same concerns as you. And if you still have questions after that, give us a call. We’d love to talk about how we can work with you to create a culture of security at your business.

  1. Clients will receive the same edits of each of the six films and teaser.
  2. We will personalize your films by doing the following;
    1. Branding each episode with your existing company logo or video animation for internal communications compliance (provided by you) at the end of each episode.
    2. This can include your chosen call to action. i.e., links to your internal IS page for policy etc.
    3. We will modify the bullet points for each episode as requested.
    4. The “Branding Restricted Intelligence: Frequently Asked Questions” video on the Resources page might help make the process clear for you.
  1. The licence will grant you 3 years usage within your company. More details will be provided in the terms and conditions.
  2. Copyright and IP will remain at all times with Twist & Shout.
  3. There is no maximum headcount covered by the license. As long as it’s the same company, you can have as many employees as you can hire.
  4. 3rd parties, suppliers and customers are not eligible to use this product under a license you have bought. They can, however, license your branded version at a reduced rate.
  1. You can renew the license for 3 more years, for half the cost of the package that you purchased.
  1. No. Sorry. The whole philosophy is that of a sustained approach to employees. The idea of mounting an “Annual Security Day” is just not effective, and tends to sideline Information Security rather than present it as a normal factor of office life, such as recycling and environmental practices. This is what we believe.
  1. No. There’s a rough storyline that follows between each season, so mixing in campaign terms would not make sense.
  1. We have a wide range of languages available, so get in touch to request a quote.
  2. You’ll need to provide us with your bullet points in each language.
  1. Subtitles. Dubbing is distractingly awful. It’s funny for all the wrong reasons.
  1. No. The package is designed to be hosted on your intranet and accessed via a staff login.
  1. Each episode is between 3 and 5 minutes long.
  1. By default we provide Quicktime MP4s. The video files are 1280×720 pixels large (720pHD), encoded at 5 Mbps and the audio is encoded at 128kbps. The Quicktime MP4s are encoded with the H264 codec which is bundled with all modern operating systems and video players.
  2. If you require a different file type, we can usually provide it, just let us know the tech spec when you send over your branding requirements.
  1. No, as this affect the IP of the product.
  1. We provide an employee survey that you can run before and after the campaign to measure the impact, but you are responsible for administering it. Since you will be hosting the episodes internally, there should be some kind of analytics you can access. Talk to your IT department.
  1. None. This is not compliance training, this is an awareness campaign. It is designed to be the firework, to grab attention and raise awareness of the issues alongside traditional compliance training.
  1. Apart from the occasional event discounts, and the multiple-season discount, we do not offer a discount. The package is priced to be at departmental budget level, and small enough to allow SME’s to access it.
  1. Credit and Debit Card payments accepted via telephone: +44 (0) 844 8000 662
  2. Bank Transfers can be arranged. Please contact charlotte@twistandshout.co.uk to request a quotation.
  3. Cheque – this will incur a charge at 2% of the total invoice. Please note that cheque payments can take longer to process and may delay products being dispatched.
  1. Pricing increases will take place annually from 1st January, subject to the measurement of inflation and exchange rates. International prices will be calculated across the previous years’ average exchange rate. Any pricing increases will only affect new purchases, and will not affect renewal licences.
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