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The Serious Business of Comedy
15 March 2019

We absolutely and utterly believe in the power of comedy. It’s our stock-in trade, our ‘raison d’etre’. We are the ‘awareness sitcom’ dudes. On a gut level we just know ‘funny’ works. Understandably though we also appreciate it can be a tough sell for some companies and organisations. ‘Working adults’ in the US apparently, ‘are […]

Not Cool
25 January 2019

As a fan or friend of the ‘Restricted Intelligence’ gang we’d like to wish you a smashing 2019. And ‘kudos’ indeed if you’ve managed to stick by those New Year’s resolutions. As you can see, Lionel has set himself some simple challenges. They seem obvious, but the basics are quite often the things that trip […]

Running the perfect information security awareness programme campaign – Part 3 – Is your platform ready?
6 December 2018

A series of 3 monthly blogs from Mo Amin and ‘Restricted Intelligence’. Part 3 – Is your platform ready? So, the content is perfect for the task in hand. It looks the ‘bees’ knees’. You’re all ready to embark on that perfect campaign, branded like a badass and planned like a military operation. So, you’ve […]

November 2018 Newsletter
23 November 2018

You’ll be laughing … No really, as employees are learning key skills they’ll actually be having a jolly good chuckle. That’s the ethos behind our award-winning Information Security, HIPAA and Privacy awareness campaigns. We’ll be restructuring our prices in the New Year, so you’ll have to get your skates on to take advantage of our […]

Running the perfect information security awareness campaign – Part 2 – Trust Issues
6 November 2018

A series of 3 monthly blogs from Mo Amin and ‘Restricted Intelligence’ Part 2 – Trust Issues Let’s be honest, there are still plenty of security departments out there that are still seen as the “Department of No”. It’s become a bad cliché. Historically, they haven’t endeared themselves to the business, chucking out a blanket […]

How to (increase your chances) of running the perfect information security awareness campaign
5 October 2018

A series of 3 monthly blogs from Mo Amin and ‘Restricted Intelligence’. Just as we are all as individual as the stars in the sky or the coffee options available on the high street, no two organisations are the same. Some are huge with hefty resources but little flexibility, others are small and light on their […]

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Protect Your Child from Digital Addiction
13 August 2018

We’ve had the smartphone since 2007. That means there is a generation of children who have never known a world without a universe of palm-sized fun. We adults, on the other hand, have a pre-smartphone context. Depending on when you were born we can bore the younger generations rigid with how we only had a […]

We just wanna make you laugh
1 June 2018

In 1984 three million people settled down in front of their TVs to watch the last episode of ‘The Young Ones’; that glorious, violent, irreverent, startling surreal and above all funny, entirely new take on the sitcom. It featured a rag bag of scruffy, dysfunctional types: ‘Neil’ the hippy, ‘Rick’, the Anarchist; ‘Viv’, the punk. […]

‘Facewotsit’ or ‘Instabook’?
16 April 2018

The recent grilling of Facebook’s dorm room tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, has made it eminently clear that personal data is not, well, personal … or data. It is a commodity, that can be traded. Chillingly, and unwittingly our clicks may be influencing what brands are set before us, from garden furniture to our political options. No […]

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