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In a world where information security is critical, your biggest threats are on the payroll
Restricted Intelligence

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Infosec Awareness videos so engaging, your workforce will insist on watching them

Restricted Intelligence combines one-part viral marketing techniques, one-part security awareness training, and a generous helping of pure entertainment to deliver real awareness and engagement.

However, Restricted Intelligence is more than a series of creatively crafted films, written by intelligent and attractive people like us, and performed by actors whose egos aren’t as extreme as you might expect from someone so talented. It’s a complete campaign, a veritable toolbox, of security resources you can use to deliver simple, compelling messages to inspire everyone to take responsibility for protecting your valuable data. And you know we’re serious. We used the word “veritable.”

A Complete Campaign Kit. In Other Words … The Whole Kit-And-Kaboodle

A step by step guide to help you run a successful awareness campaign.

Along with 6 short and highly entertaining viral films and trailer, we also provide a complete campaign resource kit, full of customizable assets to help you engage your employees in the protection of your company’s sensitive data. See, it’s not just about watching videos and discussing the issues afterward. You have to build anticipation and excitement about your cyber security awareness program. At the same time, we understand that you don’t always have the time or resources to plan out your internal campaigns, so we’ve put together this handy suggested roll-out plan to help get you started. Could we be any more generous?

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