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Restricted Intelligence

Information Security Awareness Series

(With a title like that, how can it not be hilarious?)

Restricted Intelligence - Series & Episodes

Welcome to the complete “Restricted Intelligence” Employee Awareness Campaign kit.

By using the resources in this kit, you will be able to capture your employees’ attention and deliver effective messaging to the company to inspire everyone to take responsibility for protecting your precious data. All without the assistance of bribes, intimidation, or the humiliation of pleading.

Watch in disbelief as our well-intentioned but clueless team staggers from one data debacle to another, pausing only to leave the doors unlocked on the way out and enjoy a little phishing. Wait, did we say “enjoy”? We meant “freak out about.” When you’ve got a team like this, who needs hackers? Okay, yes, the hackers need them.

Check out our Seasons and sample the Episodes:

Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
Watch in disbelief as Rebecca, Gerald, Jack, Chloe, Ellie and Lionel, stagger from one data debacle to another, pausing only to leave the doors unlocked on the way out... When you’ve got a team like this, who needs hackers?

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1: The Test (Passwords and Passes)
It's a regular Monday morning. Ellie tells Chloe that she's having difficulties logging on to her computer, despite using a really hard to guess password. Then Lionel complains that he can't log in either, and when Jack reports that a file is missing from his laptop, Chloe begins to suspect that the office network may be under attack. But all is not what it seems...
Episode 2: Browsing (Safe Surfing)
A chain of events is revealed in flashback, as Ellie explains to Rebecca in true CSI style. Lionel was looking for an online solution to his ‘problem' but ended up on a fake site. When he downloaded the tutorial, it allowed a key-logger on to his computer, which identified his login details. That's how Gerald's crucial product presentation got leaked and why he got angry. And you wouldn't like him when he's angry...
Episode 3: A Cry for Help (Email Hacking and Phishing)
Gerald, who's on business in Corsica, has had his bag stolen. With his wallet, phone and laptop now missing, he has had to send an email to Jack from an internet café to ask for some help. Chloe is immediately skeptical, believing that Gerald's email account has been hacked, and wants to know how Jack can prove the email came from Gerald himself.
Episode 4: The Journey (Portable Storage Devices)
Gerald and Lionel stand talking with tea in hand as they watch Chloe dart through the office frantically. She rushes over and relates that she is in a hurry and needs to get a presentation to Rebecca, but she put it on a USB key, which she can't find. The guys tease her a little and she ends up going to extreme measures in order to retrieve the USB key, ending up in a bit of a mess.
Episode 5 The Leak (Beware What You Share)
Rebecca is on a rampage to find out how a trade industry blog got wind of their meetings with a potential joint partner in the US. She has pulled the team in to a meeting to see if they have a mole in their midst. That is, until Ellie discovers the truth.
Episode 6: The Lesson (Mobile Devices)
Rebecca calls Ellie into her office. Inside, Rebecca delivers Ellie a hypothetical scenario, in which she (Rebecca) has not listened to her own advice and asks Ellie to help her put things right. After all, it wouldn't be good for office morale if the others in the office found out.
Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
Join veteran blunderers Jack, Chloe and Lionel as a transatlantic merger brings new opportunities for data disaster and new colleagues in tough tech girl Alex, US executive Ms Reynolds and brilliant but socially awkward Ian. Together they stumble through a catalogue of eye-opening misadventures.

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Episode 1: Impression Points (Travel Security)
Chloe calls Jack on Skype to see how he's settling into his office over in the States. He brags how careful he was with the company's sensitive information during the move, but Chloe has embarrassing revelations for him...
Episode 2: What’s in a Name? (Phishing)
It's early days for ‘good guy' Jack in the US office. Keen to impress the boss and charm new colleagues, he wastes no time in getting organized. In Jack's haste to win them over, does he always know who he's talking to?
Episode 3: Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Cloud Services)
Jack's arch-rival Lionel decides a desk move will be helpful for his career. But his casual approach to loading files online has unexpected consequences...
Episode 4: Like a Star Gate (BYOD)
After hearing Jack's complaints about security restrictions on his mobile, techie Ian conspiratorially offers to ‘help' him get around them. His reckless offer might interest Jack but does Ian get to impress the person he's really interested in?
Episode 5: It was Nothing (Data Classification)
Street-smart Alex is looking for Ian; she's in trouble and actually wants his help. Can socially awkward Ian save the company's classified information and grab some superhero cred?
Episode 6: Nobody Watches Those Things (Executive Behaviour)
Alex talks to Jack. They have a problem; the biggest security offender is someone they can't touch. Will the team finally pull together and combat the company's greatest threat?
Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
This season sees Ian visit the UK office, Ellie make her triumphant return, and a couple of new faces join our well-intentioned but somewhat careless team.

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1: Leave It to The Master (Social Engineering)
Another member of the UK team is transferring to the US office, and decides to use their social engineering skills to bypass the security protocols.
Episode 2: Nothing To Concern You (Document Disposal)
A reporter has been snooping around the bins at the UK office, and Chloe has forgotten to shred some sensitive documents. She attempts to rectify her mistake and makes a surprising discovery.
Episode 3: Ask The Expert (Social Media Phishing)
Ian seeks out Lionel to tell him about a sophisticated phishing attack that has been developing in the office. A panic-stricken Lionel realizes he's fallen for it, and tries to cover his tracks ...
Episode 4: It's Come To My Attention (Home Working)
Some information has leaked out about an account Chloe has been working on - but despite the increased risk when she works from home, she may not be the culprit.
Episode 5: Did You See That One? (Reporting Incidents)
The team discuss a typical spam email that they all saw, but nobody reported. When Ian asks them why, they all tell him it was because it was so obvious. Obvious to all of them except one…
Episode 6: I Know What You Did Last Weekend (App Permissions)
Ian makes a presentation to the group to try to get them to take more care when they give permissions to apps they've downloaded - but the meeting takes a dark turn when someone hacks his PowerPoint…
Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
This season, Jack is joined in the US by another member of the UK team - along with his bad habits and unique style. The UK office faces threats from outside and within where Chloe is joined by ambitious new intern Priya and clueless boss Mr Wilkins. The issues may have evolved, but the biggest risk is still the employees themselves.

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1: Everyone Loves Mia (Third Party Suppliers)
When an ecstatic Ian arrives in the UK office, he is introduced to the very lovely Mia, a third-party vendor who is creating a new app for the company. She’s kind to her mother, makes pastries and remembers everyone’s birthday. But Ian doesn’t remember seeing an NDA for her...
Episode 2: Elementary (Social Media Sharing)
Expecting a mega-nerd to replace Ian whilst he’s in the UK, Aaron and Chester are surprised by the arrival of savvy Ellie in the US office instead. And somehow, she knows EVERYTHING about them. Sherlock…or social media?
Episode 3: One Bad Seed (Physical Access)
It’s night time in the office. The team have gone out for karaoke, and absent mindedly let the cleaning lady in. But no one thought to check that she had permission to be there. Now this imposter has free reign of the office and is on the hunt for sensitive information. Luckily it’s all pretty secure… right?
Episode 4: Just Breathe (Phishing)
Chester is stressed out. He’s been made permanent, and his online security training has got him spooked. How does he know if his emails - if any email is real? And what even is “Whaling” anyway? Fortunately for him, the team is on hand to give him expert advice.
Episode 5: Hostage Situation (Ransomware)
Lionel’s been put in charge of writing a very important proposal for a big client. But somehow he’s downloaded ransomware onto his laptop and has been locked out of the system. The clock is ticking, and apparently there’s no backup...
Episode 6: We Could Be Heroes (Public Wi-Fi)
Ian is handing out flyers to promote being careful about using public Wi-Fi, only to find out that Chloe is taking a working lunch in a cafe- and using potentially suspicious Wi-Fi! Could a scruffy IT Guy and a fresh-faced App Developer save the day?
Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
This year Chloe takes charge of a global product launch in Texas, Jack and Lionel vie for a promotion, and the newest members of the American office cause havoc for the team on both sides of the Atlantic...

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1 - Nothing in Life Is Free (Freeware)
Chloe has been put in charge of the global product launch and sent to the Dallas office, leaving Jack and Lionel to fight over the director’s position back in the UK. Lionel thinks he’s found a piece of software to give him an edge, but as usual, he hasn’t thought it through...
Episode 2 - Besties (Insider Threat)
Chloe’s tenure in the US office gets off on the wrong track when Aaron traps her in a conversation about his model trains. Fortunately, she is rescued by Victoria, who needs her help getting Lionel to respond to her emails. However, Ms Reynolds reminds Chloe that even internally, not everyone has the same rights to access sensitive information.
Episode 3 - There He Blows (Phishing/Whaling)
Jack’s new assistant Emily receives an email purportedly from Jack, asking her to transfer some money for him. She doesn’t usually handle money transfers, and so goes to look for him to check. She finds Lionel instead, who decides to wind her up about Jack’s temper...
Episode 4 - The Worst That Could Happen (Ransomware)
New hire Charlie is about to click on a link in an email when Ian happens to be passing and stops him. Charlie’s attitude is very laid back, but Ian has a vision of the consequences, had Charlie chosen to click the link...
Episode 5 - It’s the Latest (Password Safety)
Lionel is spending his lunch break playing pool with Jack, and taking pictures of him using the Snap Penguins app. However, Jack points out that they were recently hacked, with users’ passwords leaked. But nobody would be so lazy as-to use the same password for everything... Right?
Episode 6 - The Perfect Storm (Social Media Oversharing)
The whole team is excited and on edge in the lead up to the product launch, but their casual attitude towards sharing on social media might reveal more than they intend...
Episode 0 - Teaser Trailer
They don’t have the best reputation when it comes to information security, so new CISO
Scott has been brought in to change things up...

Dealing with this team, however, is way beyond the job description...
Episode 1 - Out of the Shadows (Cloud Services)
Lionel is agitated about the impending arrival of a new CISO in the office. However, when Scott Hargreves presents himself, Lionel tries to make out that he is the poster boy for information security, much to the irritation of his colleagues...
Episode 2: All About Eve (Reporting Incidents)
Aaron and Charlie are discussing the latest security awareness poster, when Ian appears and offers to show them the company’s most sophisticated line of defence, “EVE”... Aaron and Charlie assume he’s talking about a new AI system, so Ian strings them along to that effect, before revealing the real Eve... She works in accounting, and is the best in the company at reporting suspicious emails...
Episode 3 - Getting The Message (Document Classification)
Chloe recruits Lionel to her security taskforce, which has been given the job of making the company aware of the policies surrounding document classification. Lionel arrives late to the meeting, but announces that he’s solved their problem… With a music video… 
Episode 4 - Don’t Say A Word (Digital Extortion/Ransomware)
Aaron is panicked and upset when his computer is hit by a ransomware scam, threatening to reveal his browser history unless he pays a ransom. He goes to Ian for help and has to reveal the real reason he is so worried by the email - his secret hobby...
Episode 5 - Charity Case (Phishing)
Emily finds Chloe and Jack, panicking that Scott has emailed her to send him some gift cards for a homeless dog charity he is supporting. Jack tries to prove himself equally charitable, and sends Emily out with his own credit card to buy the cards, since Scott and his assistant are unavailable in a meeting. However, Scott appears to know nothing of the situation when he bumps into Chloe and Jack later...
Episode 6 - False Witness (Identity Theft/Phone Spoofing)
Ian has recruited his friend Clark, with whom he shares a resemblance, to give the team a practical lesson in identity theft. Ian is dismayed as the team seem not to notice that Clark has replaced him, even when Clark calls Eve and asks her to reveal her password to him. Before Eve can reveal it, Ian puts a stop to his scheme, and explains to everyone how easily they were duped...
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