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Restricted Intelligence HIPAA Edition

Healthcare Compliance Awareness Series

The cure for the common HIPAA training

Restricted Intelligence HIPAA Edition - Series & Episodes

Does it hurt when you do this? And by “this,” we mean subject your employees to traditional HIPAA training programs. Then don’t do “this.”

Most people would rather be diagnosed with something unpronounceable than sit through your run-of-the-mill HIPAA compliance training. But it’s important, and you need to grab the attention of your people. From the hospital administrator to the nurses on the ward, protecting patient data and complying with HIPAA regulations is everyone’s responsibility.

Restricted Intelligence HIPAA Edition uses the same viral marketing techniques developed through our flagship Restricted Intelligence series, to inject energy into your awareness campaigns. We’re so serious about this, we’re not even going to make an obvious “viral” joke.

The films that make up the series are the central component of the wider campaign of resources designed to educate your staff. Each film is customized with your company branding and a call to action. You can even adapt the learning summary bullet points at the end of each episode to correspond with your company policies.

Check out our Seasons and sample the Episodes:

Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
From the hospital administrator to the nurses on the ward, protecting patient data and complying with HIPAA regulations is everyone’s responsibility.

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1: You’ll Get a Kick Out Of This (Social Media Sharing)
Angela, the head of HIPAA compliance, takes charge when a famous soccer player is admitted to the hospital. Everyone wants to take a selfie with the star, but Angela is more worried about his privacy.
Episode 2: Those Seconds Add Up (Unapproved Apps)
Max has discovered a workaround that allows him to install the SnapPenguins app on his tablet - however, the app allowed hackers access to patient records, and Max is tasked with calling those affected in order to apologize personally.
Episode 3: I Hate Surprises (Private Records)
Dr Barnes and his wife (also Dr Barnes) are expecting, but they disagree over whether to find out the sex of the baby. When he tries to sneak a peek at his wife’s records, Roz is on hand to issue a rebuke.
Episode 4: The Delicate Dance (Passwords and Access)
A good password is like a tango... Or so a mysterious stranger would have Angela believe. He claims to be conducting an audit, but all may not be as it appears...
Episode 5: Ransom Rumors (Ransomware)
Niki becomes suspicious when Max asks to borrow $1,000 from her. She suspects another of his harebrained schemes, but the reality of his predicament is far more insidious.
Episode 6: What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (Phishing)
Angela is on high alert after discovering a “Code Fuchsia” phishing email in her inbox/ However her colleagues are unconcerned. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?
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