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Restricted Intelligence Privacy Edition

Privacy & Data Awareness Series

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Restricted Intelligence Privacy Edition - Series & Episodes

Privacy is about more than just closing your laptop when someone walks by. And training can be more fun than watching paint dry. Much more fun.

Privacy. It’s hardly the entertainment highlight of the week, is it? But with privacy and GDPR becoming an increasingly important part of corporate life, our characters are joined by new faces on both sides of the Atlantic to learn that the privacy of customers and colleagues is everyone’s responsibility. Restricted Intelligence Privacy Edition uses the same viral marketing techniques developed through our flagship Restricted Intelligence series, to inject a little energy – and a lot of laughs – into your awareness campaigns.

The films that make up the series are the central component of the wider campaign of resources designed to educate your staff. Each film is customized with your company branding and a call to action. We also offer you the opportunity to modify the learning summary bullet points at the end of each episode to align with your company policies.

Check out our Seasons and sample the Episodes:

Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
With privacy an increasingly important part of corporate life and GDPR arriving in Europe, our characters are joined by new faces on both sides of the Atlantic to learn that the privacy of customers and colleagues is everyone’s responsibility.

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1: Nothing To Do With Me (What is PI?)
Chloe calls a meeting to introduce the team to the new Head of Privacy, Anya. She gives an overview of what personal information is, and despite his protests, Lionel discovers that privacy applies to him in ways he never considered before...
Episode 2: Nobody Reads That Stuff (Privacy By Design)
Lionel and Jack have been asking a lot of questions about the app Mia is developing, with ideas for collecting and using data that may go beyond the bounds of acceptability. Chloe decides to deal with the boys on Anya’s behalf.
Episode 3: Once More Unto the Breach (Retention and Disposal)
Chester is planning a big company picnic and has sent out a survey for the attendees, which Aaron and Sara notice is asking a little too much personal information of the respondents.
Episode 4: The Heart of the Matter (Purpose and Minimization)
Ian comes to a meeting expecting to give a big presentation about how a data breach happened, but instead Ms Reynolds introduces Sara, the new Director of Privacy, to talk about why the data was still on their system at all...
Episode 5: Mr Cellophane (Transparency)
The company brings in eccentric photographer Mmilan (with two M’s) to take new company headshots. When Chester mentions that his work ends up on ads, Aaron’s suspicions are raised that Mmilan may not be getting proper permissions for how he uses the images.
Episode 6: Partners (Third Party Partners)
Ian goes to Sara when he hears about a data breach at the app development company that Mia works for. They decide together that he should report it to Ms Reynolds, but before he has a chance, Mia calls Ian to tell him that she already has.
Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
The GDPR era has begun and our characters in both of the company’s offices are finding the new-found focus on privacy challenging to say the least.

But as they soon discover, their personal information needs safe-guarding just as much as their customers’ does.

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1: Get Off My Cloud
Anya engages Sara’s help, to come up with new ways to get the team engaged with their privacy responsibilities. Finally she settles on a tasty metaphor, to the delight of the group.
Episode 2: Permission To Speak
Jack is keen to launch a marketing campaign targeting the company’s existing contacts, having seen a TED talk about “mining your own back yard”. Greg is terrified to inform him that they need to physically mail those contacts to ask their permission to market to them, despite Emily encouraging him...
Episode 3: Hard To Say Goodbye
Jack organises a Viking funeral for Lionel’s little black book of contacts, which he believes are no longer compliant with the company’s privacy guidelines. Lionel is distraught as he watches his life’s work go up in flames...
Episode 4: Existential Crisis
Ian is back in the US office. Or is he? After discovering that his new desk has been delivered to the UK office, and finding out that the system believes he never returned, Ian starts to question the nature of his own existence...
Episode 5: Getting It Out There
Aaron is snowed under with work, and his mood isn’t being helped by his phone constantly ringing. Charlie has tried to help as well, by sharing Aaron’s contact details with an alumni group he belongs to, but hasn’t realised the privacy implications.
Episode 6: Keep It Secret... Keep It Safe
As they prepare for a meeting about the relationship between privacy and security, Ian and Sara have trouble communicating, so Sara decides to explain using a storytelling device that Ian is more familiar with; epic fantasy.
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