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You can accuse us of plenty of things (like the kinds of jokes we tell at a formal dinner or the sounds we like to make in a crowded elevator) but one thing you can’t accuse of us is being stingy.

We have a vast library of free security awareness resources that we hope you will find useful and fun. Everything on this page is offered for use free of charge and at your own risk. As you will see, some of the resources are for your employees to enjoy as part of the campaign, and some are for you – created outside of the Restricted Intelligence Universe, as fun items for fellow information security professionals in the course of their careers or as part of presentations. They can be shared at will, used at internal and external events. They are bound by a standard creative commons licence, which basically means no selling them, and no editing them…

Thank you – have fun…

Pinsent Masons – Best Practices

Pinsent Masons are a company who approached the campaign the right way – engaging with the rest of the business early and making it part of their security culture.

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Markit Best Practices

One of Markit’s main goals in running the Restricted Intelligence campaign was to get the staff talking about security, and the visceral response illicited by the series was the perfect mechanism of achieving that.

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Intel Best Practices

Intel encouraged the fan-behaviour aspect of the campaign, putting up posters & promoting the episodes on their intranet. In turn their employees recognised people like themselves in the films, and related to their favourite characters.

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Five Things You Can Do for GDPR

GDPR is finally here and there’s lots of information out there to take in. Fortunately, Jack has distilled the key issues down to five easy to remember points.

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Advanced Threat Detection

Meet the most powerful advanced threat detection system known to humanity.

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It Won’t Hurt

As a great teacher once told us, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, and so it is for compliance training. We believe that a little comedy can make an often dry subject engaging, and dare we suggest, even a little fun…

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Engaging The YouTube Generation

Comedy is still seen by some as a rebel, but that’s completely without cause. It’s now recognised that the techniques used by the entertainment industry for over a century are making people stop and think.


Parental Control Episode 1: Facebook

Jack has three tasks this weekend: Look after his niece and nephew; make sure they don’t starve; and let 13 year old Sarah set up Facebook. But he’s out of his depth, forgotten lunch and now Sarah’s got HOW MANY friends on Facebook?!

For more information and tips visit the NSPCC website

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Parental Control Episode 2: YouTube

Now feeling internet-conscious, Chloe flags up concerns when Sarah asks to watch some “epic fail” videos on YouTube. With Restricted Mode switched off, Jack and Chloe venture into the web to test the “three clicks” theory…

You can find instructions for Enabling Restricted Mode on YouTube here.

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But wait, there’s more!

Do you still hunger for knowledge? Like, the kind of knowledge you only find in giant, ancient, leather-bound tomes? Well, read on for the next best thing.

Our glorious leader has spent 35 years in the creative industries, and has written two excellent books on how to survive and thrive, from both the point of view of the client and the creative. Unfortunately, he won’t let us give them away for free, but you can find out more about them below.

Three Guys Walk Into A Bar

Every year thousands of freelance creative professionals get treated poorly by business clients. They are disrespected, paid less than they are worth, made to wait for their money and treated like slaves.

This book is part of a crusade to help every single one of them.

“Three Guys Walk into a Bar” represents a practical pathway to a more respectful, profitable and fulfilling creative business life. As a creative entrepreneur you’ll choose who you work for, do less work, and do better work. You’ll have more time to develop that creative beast within, and spend time doing the things that make you happy.

For more information, visit:

Digital copies can be purchased on Amazon:
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