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You can accuse us of plenty of things (like the kinds of jokes we tell at a formal dinner or the sounds we like to make in a crowded elevator) but one thing you can’t accuse of us is being stingy.

We have a vast library of free security awareness resources that we hope you will find useful and fun. Everything on this page is offered for use free of charge and at your own risk. As you will see, some of the resources are for your employees to enjoy as part of the campaign, and some are for you – created outside of the Restricted Intelligence Universe, as fun items for fellow information security professionals in the course of their careers or as part of presentations. They can be shared at will, used at internal and external events. They are bound by a standard creative commons licence, which basically means no selling them, and no editing them…

Thank you – have fun…

Parental Control Episode 3: Google

Budding ornithologist Alfie is upstairs looking at birds on the internet. No, not what you’re thinking- we mean actual birds. Besides, Safe Search has been set up on Google so there shouldn’t be any confusion…right?

For details of how to set up Safe Search on Google, visit here.


Parental Control Episode 2: YouTube

Now feeling internet-conscious, Chloe flags up concerns when Sarah asks to watch some “epic fail” videos on YouTube. With Restricted Mode switched off, Jack and Chloe venture into the web to test the “three clicks” theory…

You can find instructions for Enabling Restricted Mode on YouTube here.


Parental Control Episode 1: Facebook

Jack has three tasks this weekend: Look after his niece and nephew; make sure they don’t starve; and let 13 year old Sarah set up Facebook. But he’s out of his depth, forgotten lunch and now Sarah’s got HOW MANY friends on Facebook?!

For more information and tips visit the NSPCC website


10 Commandments of the Serious Workplace

Some people feel that encouraging employees to enjoy themselves whilst learning, is simply taking things a little too far. Ted Davis is one of them. He’s a practical guy, and to make things clearer for us, he’s created The Ten Commandments of the Serious Workplace. How kind… Thank you Ted.


Amy the Social Engineer

This social engineering attacker takes advantage of people’s good nature to get in the building, but it’s not just the access that poses a risk, it’s leaving documents and devices unlocked and in plain sight


Holiday at the Hackmans

Our latest Christmas film takes us to a quiet part of the English countryside, where we find that hackers are really just like us…


Information Security? Child’s Play

The sometimes shouty, but always informative RANT Conference asked us to create an intro video for their event. So we got together the best and brightest, security savvy seven year olds to lay some insight on topics such as Ransomware, Insider Threat and the Internet of Things.

We also made them swear, which is always hilarious.


Internal Comms Passion

Just imagine – what if your employees were this passionate about your internal communications?


Password Faux-Pas

Just to be clear – this is NOT a part of the Restricted Intelligence series. We pride ourselves on creating media that is work-safe AND funny. Of course we accept that certain subjects are taboo when it comes to corporate internal communications, but we couldn’t resist this one–shot sketch demonstrating that sometimes you just can’t help but share that password.

Warning: Has sexual references and a corridor. If you’re playing this at work – we’d recommend you put headphones on.

But wait, there’s more!

Do you still hunger for knowledge? Like, the kind of knowledge you only find in giant, ancient, leather-bound tomes? Well, read on for the next best thing.

Our glorious leader has spent 35 years in the creative industries, and has written two excellent books on how to survive and thrive, from both the point of view of the client and the creative. Unfortunately, he won’t let us give them away for free, but you can find out more about them below.

Three Guys Walk Into A Bar

Every year thousands of freelance creative professionals get treated poorly by business clients. They are disrespected, paid less than they are worth, made to wait for their money and treated like slaves.

This book is part of a crusade to help every single one of them.

“Three Guys Walk into a Bar” represents a practical pathway to a more respectful, profitable and fulfilling creative business life. As a creative entrepreneur you’ll choose who you work for, do less work, and do better work. You’ll have more time to develop that creative beast within, and spend time doing the things that make you happy.

For more information, visit:

Digital copies can be purchased on Amazon:
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