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Pinsent Masons – Best Practices

Pinsent Masons are a company who approached the campaign the right way – engaging with the rest of the business early and making it part of their security culture.

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Engaging The YouTube Generation

Comedy is still seen by some as a rebel, but that’s completely without cause. It’s now recognised that the techniques used by the entertainment industry for over a century are making people stop and think.


10 Commandments of the Serious Workplace

Some people feel that encouraging employees to enjoy themselves whilst learning, is taking things too far. Ted Davis is one of them. He’s a practical guy, and to make things clearer for us, he’s created The Ten Commandments of the Serious Workplace…

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Holiday at the Hackmans

Our latest Christmas film takes us to a quiet part of the English countryside, where we find that hackers are really just like us…

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Internal Comms Passion

Just imagine – what if your employees were this passionate about your internal communications?

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Password Faux-Pas

Just to be clear – this is NOT a part of the Restricted Intelligence series. We pride ourselves on creating media that is work-safe AND funny. Of course we accept that certain subjects are taboo when it comes to corporate internal communications, but we couldn’t resist this one–shot sketch demonstrating that sometimes you just can’t help but share that password.

Warning: Has sexual references and a corridor. If you’re playing this at work – we’d recommend you put headphones on.

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Character Interviews

How many of your employees are five years old? Seriously? Because the way some firms talk to their employees seems to assume that they are like children.

Here’s a little spoof documentary we made during a break in filming. I think we made our point…

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Markit Best Practices

One of Markit’s main goals in running the Restricted Intelligence campaign was to get the staff talking about security, and the visceral response illicited by the series was the perfect mechanism of achieving that.

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Restricted Intelligence 80s Viral 2

Whilst we were shooting Restricted Intelligence, a freak meteor shower caused a glitch in the space/time continuum that sent the cast and crew back to the 1980’s.

Thank goodness corporate communications have come on a bit since then… Right?

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