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Month: December 2013

A new meaning to “Follow That Star”…
10 December 2013

It’s that time again folks!  Every Year we try to combine the world of Information Security with the festive season’s greetings, and come up with the genetic aberration that is “The Christmas Viral Film”. We realise that just calling it a viral does’t make it a viral – but we know that you DO. So […]

It’s that time again…
4 December 2013

Deck the halls…AND SETTLE DOWN FOR A GIGGLELast week we shot this year’s Christmas video (SEE TEASER STILL <<<).  As always it was a fun affair, and this year we’ve created a whole new story, based on the greatest story ever told.  To remind you of last year’s treat (and, for that matter, the year […]

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