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Month: February 2016

Spend Your “Tuesdays with Bernie”
26 February 2016

Someone far smarter than us (probably a scientist) once said, “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.” In practical terms, this means if you eat ten pounds of fudge, you gain ten pounds where you need it least. You vacation in Pamplona, you spend time with some speedy bulls. You do the […]

Calling all Healthcare Professionals – #HIMSS16
23 February 2016

They say laughter is the best medicine. Not sure if that beats homeopathy – but what we do know is that laughter makes the message stick, for sure.  That’s the principle on which our company is founded. But what has this got to do with the healthcare industry? Well, many of you will be familiar […]

Two Guys Walk Into a Classroom
4 February 2016

People are always asking us, “Why do you use humour in your programs?” First, we haven’t always used humor. There was a time when we relied on sex and violence. However, this didn’t go over well with the decision makers and it’s hard to pull off when you’re not a government agency. So we turned […]

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