Security BSides London

1 July 2013

Friday saw the launch of all of the videos we created for London B-Sides 2013.

In our third year of sponsorship, this time round was bigger and better than before.  The new venue at Islington was excellent, and for the first time I got to do an un-presentation. 

One of the wild card track slots about comedy and information security.  One big thing that comes across as you look at the videos, is passion. None of these people are getting paid for showing up – and to see them present, they are the torch-bearers of the business, it’s clear.
This year we also had a stand to promote Restricted Intelligence – which was very cool because we got to meet most of the presenters properly this time, instead of through a lens. Another really cool addition was the rookie track – which had some breakout highlights within it, as newbies presented for the first time.  It’s scary how together and professional these guys (and girls) are.

This is the event that I know gives back far more than most others when it comes to career development, and is respected in the industry for doing so.  B sides happens all over the world, and we also hope to get our Dallas friends in on the act as we hope we can sponsor Dallas B Sides in November.  And London? We are looking forward to next year’s, where we hope to be sponsoring once again. 
Long Live B-Sides!

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