Mikko Hyponnen’s Challenge

1 May 2014

Yesterday I had the rare honour of interviewing Mikko Hyponnen for Infosecurity Europe. A fascinating man with a great sense of humour…who adamantly believes that user education is useless. Now he IS given to bold statements, but I don’t believe he really thinks that technology is the only way. I do think that the majority of awareness programs and education to date have been pretty ineffectual however. At the session on Engaging Generation Y yesterday afternoon in the keynote theatre, the same old arguments were thrown up – it’s hard to measure, people just aren’t interested, and it’s too much guesswork. Then Bruce Hallas, founder of The Analogies Project said that Information Security professionals are looking at the whole problem as trainers – when they should be thinking like marketers. Marketers change behaviour every day. Remember the last time you bought something you didn’t really need? That’s because you WANTED it. So – Mikko – I hope you might bend your concrete affirmation of yesterday’s interview, and accept that it’s the methods, not the principle, that are failing. PS – last day of Infosecurity Europe today – don’t forget to join us as we shoot a scene live on the stand today for our blog using cast members from the series. You could be an extra! 1pm, Stand C74.

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