The Best of Intentions

16 January 2018

Happy New Year to you. Here’s hoping 2018 brings health and happiness in equal measure. Right off the bat we’ve got National Data Privacy Day on 28th January. Just the moment to slip in a plug for our Restricted Intelligence Privacy Edition, tackling all the important GDPR issues plus vanity shame, social inadequacy and cheating.

We’re also chuffed to bits to be taking our unique storytelling approach into the Healthcare sector, where patient privacy is a huge topic. And of course, not forgetting Season 5 of Restricted Intelligence. Thank you for your input on the stories that are most important to you. Your ideas will be coming into full blossom in late Spring.

So in the spirit of the best of intentions, we’re launching these natty New Years Resolution posters with some pointers on self improvement. Far be it from us to throw shade on the simple pleasures in life. Who doesn’t enjoy starting up arguments with complete strangers on YouTube comments and of course, you can never have enough ‘HammerTime’. But if you can’t manage it in January, when the the diet, let’s face it is as good as it’s ever going to be, when can you?

You Say Privacy, we say … er Privacy

So, you’re all set for National Data Privacy Day. While there may be general debate about how to pronounce the word but there is growing consensus around its importance.

Clearly Miss Reynolds here, getting ready for her close-up, in Episode 5, ‘Mr Cellophane’, won’t be taking any nonsense. It’s difficult to imagine say a “Carphone Warehouse’ scale breach of customer and employee data happening on her watch. She knows the danger lies in the behaviours of individual employees, and that’s what she takes a tough line, well on everything pretty much. 
Restricted Intelligence: information security in a box.
Now We’re Talking!

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