A RANT about awareness

2 April 2013

Last week I was in the privileged position to be invited to a RANT.  These are the evenings presented by Acumin as a way of bringing the after-hours conversations into the foreground. After all – we all know that the real conferences happen in the bar after the PowerPoint is over.
The first thing I should note is that this was a fun event. Often these attempts at being edgy or “underground” are very contrived and somewhat “fake”. This was a genuine gathering of rebels and insurgents with a view to changing the world. Here was the edge. The point at which ideas happen and things change.
Tonights subject – a blessing for me – was Information Security Awareness.  Two teams (one for, one against) set about pitching their arguments, although there never really was an argument for the latter.  No – what the argument (or RANT) was really about, were the many reasons it sometimes doesn’t work, or the lessons it could draw from our marketing bretheren.  At the end of the day, you’re seling something to the employee base, and that’s hard to do, and harder to measure.
The bottom line?
Well – as with all great arguments, there is never a simple answer – but for an excellent summary of the evening by Thom Langford clickhere.
A great blog but you need to hear some of iot to get a flavour of what the RANT idea is all about:
All in all a fantastic evening, ending in a very nice curry house where I was treated to dinner by the league of extraordinary gentlemen.
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Thanks guys, it was emotional 😉

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