Infosec vs Security B-Sides

16 April 2013

Next week sees several events landing right on top of each other. London is definitely the place to be if you’re in the business of keeping data safe.  And a very busy week for us.
There’s Infosec Europe – one of the biggest cyber security events of the calendar.  350 exhibitors and 12000 visitors over three days.  The “Goliath” of the security event world in Europe.  Dominated by vendor sponsors, and as glossy as it gets.
We, however, will be sponsoring the smaller, gutsier event, “Security B-Sides London”, which has only been going a few years, but sells out every time, and is aimed squarely at those who DO THE WORK.  Not the philosophers (although it’s a chance for the speakers to get very esoteric at times), not the vendors, not the heavy hitters (even though they harbour the odd consultant refugee), but the guys who have to keep the plates spinning every day of the week (and often at weekends). The guys who have to implement the policy, maintain the systems and educate the staff (AND the C-levels) so that their employers can carry on doing what they do.
Hats off to those guys. The workers. The tech-heads. The geeks. We’ll be filming all of them next week, so watch this space for the films that will give you an insight to what happened when the guys in black came to town. 
May they forever be watching over us.

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