Our First Case Study – Excentus, Dallas TX.

22 January 2014

Late last year we provided Restricted Intelligence (Season I) to Excentus, a small firm in Dallas, TX. They employ about 250 people, and they are pioneers in the fuel loyalty business. One thing that struck me about them was how vibrant the workforce was. The place was full of energy, and I happened to catch them on their monthly get-together lunch where, as it was Halloween, most of them were in dressed in costumes. I remember thinking what a fantastic place to work this must be. They were the perfect audience for our brand of office comedy. As handlers of millions of customer records, it was imperative that everyone understood their responsibilities regarding information security. But they clearly loved to have fun. I think that was because despite being employees, a good many of them were human beings too. Very savvy recruitment if you ask me (two of their HR people are in the photo…nuff said!). This little film shows how they implemented their campaign, and what their employees thought. I particularly love the girl who has her favourite characters. How many of your internal comms get this kind of response?

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