Putting Your Stamp On Restricted Intelligence

5 May 2016

Work life can be frustrating. We understand the pain of returning to your desk to discover that ONCE AGAIN Gavin from Accounts has disturbed the peace of your Stationary Kingdom by stealing a pen. So here’s something to make the day a little easier…

One of the cool things about our “campaign in a box” (apart from being the world’s FIRST sitcom about information security – Hello!) is that you can put your own branding on it. Oh yes – each and every video is wrapped in your glorious company insignia, so everyone knows whose great idea it was. Now, this process can either be quick and painless or sting like a (expletive deleted) root canal. So to keep your sanity (and what’s left of ours), we’ve made the branding process smoother than a baby’s behind/ a swimmer’s chest/ the dulcet tones of Tom Jones (delete as applicable).

Presenting our Restricted Intelligence branding video! In this short clip, characters from the series will take you step by step through the process. It will go through the ways that you can brand your films and what we need from you to make it happen. Taking out the back-and-forth emails and the frustration, this little film might just make it quicker (and easier) for us to brand the video assets like pros.

Now go forth, put on a smile and get your pen back. And maybe nab another addition to the Stationary Kingdom whilst you’re there…

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